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Quit Smoking and Start a New Life (english version)

Respira.re is the first program to quit smoking based on daily exercices and practical routine building habits.

With this ebook you will get:

  • The complete method to quit smoking based on breathing and starting new habits
  • Method Certified by famous psychologists
  • New mental processes to live well and rebuild your life in a positive way
  • 21 straightforward chapters and 21 exercises
  • Do it with your own pace: the program can be completed in 21 days or 21 weeks, depending on the severity of your smoking addiction
  • The full explaination of the Cigarette Replace Breathing Patterns that are already helping thousands of people through famous Prana Breathing™ Android™ APP.
  • Forget the pain of addiction once and for all :-)


1.  Stop Smoking, Start Breathing
2.  I Want to Die
3.  The Zone and the Desire
4.  The Four Stages of Breathing
5.  Let's Play?
6.  Habits
7.  Borders
8.  Distractions and Reasons
9.  Useless Cigarette
10. The Fear and the Plant of Desire
11. Growing Fear
12. The Guilt-Forgiveness Cycle
13. Roots
14. Society
15. I’m just gonna smoke one … (it’s not a big deal!)
16. The Will is a Point of View
17. Putting Off Until Tomorrow
18. Addiction, Bad Habits and Autopilot
19. Your Nest
20. Behave Yourself
21. I Gave Up (optional)
22. Your Personal Lottery

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  • Size6.9 MB
  • Length167 pages
  • Filetype:open .PDF
  • Chapters21
  • Exercices 21
  • Ready for mobileyes
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Quit Smoking and Start a New Life (english version)

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